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TheProBajao - MC Profile Picture by MCMineTube TheProBajao - MC Profile Picture :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 12 7 Dat Big Head Tho xD by MCMineTube Dat Big Head Tho xD :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 13 21 LOL 5? by MCMineTube LOL 5? :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 12 16 How to play survival games with your style? by MCMineTube How to play survival games with your style? :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 15 12 Anishwij Rig in a nutshell by MCMineTube Anishwij Rig in a nutshell :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 14 15 LOL 4? by MCMineTube LOL 4? :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 16 19 LOL 3? by MCMineTube LOL 3? :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 22 21 oH NOOOoOOoOOooOOOOOOOo by Rhi-The-Hybrid oH NOOOoOOoOOooOOOOOOOo :iconrhi-the-hybrid:Rhi-The-Hybrid 9 18 Dan by CuckootheBirb Dan :iconcuckoothebirb:CuckootheBirb 3 4 I done this world a favor by firelazely I done this world a favor :iconfirelazely:firelazely 30 5
OC Biography sheet
What role does this character play?(Storybased):
What inspired you to create this character?:
What does this character represent to you, if anything?:
What goals do you have for this character?:
Full Name:
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):
Meaning of their full name:
Why did their parents name them this?:
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?:
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
History behind nickname(s):
Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:
Gender identity:
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
How old they appear:
Mental age:
Orientation/Sexual preference:
Any history behind their sex
:iconspelledeg:Spelledeg 3,178 593
Character Profile Outline
Okay, before anybody starts to think this is some weird idea, let me explain.
For anyone who knows how to write (and I mean, REALLY knows how to write), you understand that a good story has everything written out on paper first.  You know, stuff like Outlines, Plot Triangles, Character Profiles.  This might be of a challenge to some of you and tie you down, but unless you are capable of keeping every piece of information in your mind, this is a good resource to fall back on.  If you do not need this, then fine—you aren’t required to use it.  According to Science Fiction Writers of America, do character sketches and plot summaries but “do not let yourself be locked in by your planning documents.”
In time, I will devise a website that will help more than just creating your character.  On said site, I will post other outlines that will help YOU with YOUR writing, along with some very useful information. 
:iconkittyfelone:KittyFelone 1,908 839
Blank Character Sheet
Basic Information
More Information
Time Period:
Place of Residence:
Personality Traits:
Most Compatible:
Least Compatible:
Lucky Colour:
Lucky Number:
Best Location:
Romantic Interests:
People of Authority:
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour:
Facial Features:
Hair Colour:
Hair Type:
Hair Style:
Skin Type:
Skin Tone:
Strengths and Weaknesses
Physical Strengths:
Physical Weaknesses:
Mental Strengths:
Mental Weaknesses:
Character Traits:
Character Personality:
:iconveryevilmastermind:veryevilmastermind 70 4
Ultimate Character Profile
General Profile Info:
• Name:
• Nickname(s) (if any):
• Age:
• Gender:
• Star Sign:
Cultural Info:
• Birth Date:
• Birthplace:
• Habitat/Home/Address/Hometown:
• Occupation (how do they feel about their job?):
• Education:
• Economic Status (now and in the past):
• Environment (how has it affected them now and in the past):
• Religious Beliefs (how important is it to them?):
• Political Attitude:
• General Appearance:
• Body Type (endomorphic, ectomorphic or mezomorphic):
• Height:
• Weight:
• Hair (colour and style):
• Eye Colour:
• Skin Colour:
• Clothing Preference:
• Accessories/Weapons (if any):
• Powers (if any):
Magic and Powers:
• Does this character know magic (spells, etc)?:
• Does this character possess any kind of superpower?:
• What are the limitations of this magic or power?:
• What are the weaknesses of this magic or powe
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 458 40
Complete Character Bio Template
Verse:  What fandom are they associated with (If they are part of a fandom)
Alias: Do they have any nicknames?
Real Name: 
Current Age:  
Age of Death:  If they had died- what was the age they died at?
Ethical Origin: What country or race did they come from in the terms of genetics?
Place of Origin: Where did they originally come from or heard from?
Species:  What are they?
Birthdate: What day and year they were born?
Date Of Death: If they had died- what was the date?
Astrological Sign: What is sign of the Western Zodiac they fall under?
Birthplace: Where were they born?
Blood Type: 
Sexual Preference:  (Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Pansexual, Asexual...etc)
Relationship:  Are they single or taken by a person?
Cause of Death: If they are de
:iconinvaderika:InvaderIka 461 88
DanTDM - Minecraft Render Scene [4K] by MCMineTube DanTDM - Minecraft Render Scene [4K] :iconmcminetube:MCMineTube 39 12




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OMG why
Stop making inappropriate, talentless and disgusting content. It's even worse...

For crying out loud Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2], Ignore those thumbnails 😂

Sorry for the wrong grammar and might be "When Minecraft Clickbaits are ruining your childhood"

Art (c) :icontheprofessionalbajao:
I was being apologize when i'm not online... i have some sore throat...but im not even sick :/ But im going to get really fine... Don't worry i'll be active here soon...
Hello there, I'm going to Hong Kong for another holiday but before classes starting either June 14 or 15... i guess will stay tuned because i would study hard as soon as possible...


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Jericho Victor "Barico" M. Bajao
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, It's me, Jericho (TheProfessionalBajao), my favorite games is Minecraft!

UPDATED: :icontheprofessionalbajao:'s icon made by :iconmcminetube:

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Hello there, i've been circumcised at home for some reasons...It takes maybe 1 week! So, my dad is a surgeon to circumcise me for 10 minutes

I knew it was painful but even fine... Today, i'm fine!


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